BROWNIES bwahahaha

preheat oven? i think it's better if you don't :P

adjusted halfish mix:
200g plain choc
170g salted butter
200g sugar
130g flour
3 eggy weggs
1 tbs vanilla extract
NO shite (nuts, berries etc.)

1. melt the BUTTER and CHOC in a small bowl in the microwave
two minutes on low, stir, 30 seconds on medium
2. mix SUGAR, VANILLA and EGGY WEGGS in a big bowl. beat them. beat them hard
3. stir BUTTERCHOCSTUFF until pleasant consistency (no choc lumps) and mix into
4. sift in the FLOUR and SHITE
5. pour into two greased 8" tins or to depth 0.25"-0.5" and bake on gas mark 4/
170'C/340'F until the knife comes out clean.. then bake them some more

for the chocolate fondant inside:
100g plain choc
25g butter
~3Tbsps icing sugar

6. once the COOKEDBROWN has cooled, microwave the new BUTTER and CHOC for 90secs
on LOW
7. stir until smooth
8. add icing sugar but NOT TOO MUCH!
9. combine with COOKEDBROWN

consume with a tall glass of cold full milk

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