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We farm kara with 2 groups a week… we are shifting the focus to 25 mans, so kara runs will happen on offdays.

Prince Malchezaar Safespot - Printscreen
Prince Malchezaar Safespot - Helicopter View
Edit : This is NOT a safe spot (confirmed today 02-02-2008) its just HIGHLY unlikely they land so close that the spots are affected. But its NOT safe!
Edit by Roguebinwood: It isn't 100% but it is 95% safe. There is no reason for doing it the other way because the raid chance of success will be lower. Using this spot i already counted 9 kills at FIRST TRY.
Edit : I think having me (Branch/Brimbor) in the riad invertes those odd… so your about 95% shure they will land on the tank there :P


Unless you have 5-6 epics of kara quality or above, don't even think about Zul'Aman :) Its a pretty hard instance, so a certain level of gear is required. For Casters: +1000 spelldamage or thereabouts, for healers 1500-1700 +heal depending on class and mana regen…


Same as for ZA. If you don't have enough damage/+heal you probably need kara or badge gear first. As we don't have this place on farm yet we can't bring too many undergeared people.

SSC and The Eye

Progress instances. We will be taking people that we think will make the raid work better… what that means is, you can't complain at us for not inviting you to a raid. If we have 4 rogues signed up for example and we can only take 3 melee dps, then one of them is not going to be able to come… we will probably choose the best geared person (or decide to take 2 rogues and invite another shaman).

Edit by Allinone:
High Astromancer Solarian Movie
I think this movie clearly shows the success of the procedure in Solarian's second phase. After the boss despwans, all the raid gather near the aoe group with the objective of gathering the melee adds in the same spot. After this, the tankadin and the aoe do the job while the other tanks and rogues rush near the portals (waiting for Solarian and both priest). My point is: if everyone groups near aoe group, it's a lot easier and a lot faster to gather them in the same place which will result in a more efective (time and mana wise) killing. This tactic also avoids that a few adds run loose near the tanks (and melee dps) making possible problems.


We expect people to turn up for raids fully repaired, with mana pots, buff food, and all the other stuff. I'm not going to list the details for each class, ask your class leader if you are not sure.

Stomper Kreeg, the drunk Ogre in Dire Maul North sells Kreeg's Stout Beatdown. They stack in the size of 10 and you can buy as much of them as you can carry after finishing a tribute run.
The effect also stacks with pretty much everything, if i recall correctly. 25 spirit FTW!

Since spirit is buffed in 2.4 this might be worth using again.

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