Things to point out


Prolly not that interesting but still wanted to point some stuff out to everybody.

1. We are a ok/good guild so we should really do our best.

( (amergin) we are a damn good (and generally friendly) guild, and have enjoyed a good pace of progression)

2. timing? wtf! ….. When it says 8:30 I expect that people should be there around 8:15 and not to late so that we always start a hour too late.

( (amergin) i totally agree, an 8.30 start should be 8.30, not 9 due to people getting on late with out a good reason. if you sign up for a raid, you need to online and ready 15 mins before its due to start, as this is when invite will be)

3. signing up, wtf! v2. some people sign up 5 minutes before a raid starts then it is hard for officiers to see who can or cannot go.

( (amergin) i also agree with this and i will see if i can come up with a solution. HAS BEEN SORTED nice one alex)

4. not raiding with other guild will get more exp to our guild.( not so good in explaining ask dostya why) basically if we raid with our own guild we progress together and nobody falls behind.

( ( amergin) most people can see this makes sence. we are a progressing guild, and will be doing Kara, Za, the Eye, and Ssc each week. in order to actually make progress with in them, we need people to be available for raids After all, this is what being part of a guild is about. We expect a little loyalty, and as such, we all acheive success together.

5. Site could be better, coding is good but graphic based it really sux no offence you did well making it for the time being. (being updated soon)

( (amergin) Cant comment on this as i know a grand total of nothing about it )

6. Mic would be handy if everybody got one, or buys a good one often in Raids someone is explaining the tax(tactics) and then suddenly I hear a zizzeling crackhead mic popping up and then I check and there are quite a few people which have those mics! please fix it take some time to look into settings.
8. It would be nice if other people also join vent and not only for raiding but also for heroics or helping out leveling alts just to get to know each other a bit more. A little socializing couldn't hurt right?

( (amergin) vent is an essential tool in raiding, and is very useful for heroics and group quests. it is also an exellent way of socialising with fellow guild mates. it is there to be used (tho not abused), so use it.
if you want to raid, you must have it installed and working, other wise you will be kicked from group, and not alowed to raid til you do. it is not essential to have a mic (unless you are R/L), but if you do, please ensure it works properly. too many have bad ones that crackle, or are intermittent. they are not expensive. i purchaced mine for £6.99.)

7. Don't bitch on guildies we all may have done something stupid like I did I die a LOT but from that I get exp. not everybody had loads of exp before entering this guild as I am building up my exp now in this one and hope to stay here for a long time as I hope you guys do the same.

( (amergin) we expect respect with in the guild, not just to officers, but to every one. we are a nice friendly guild, and we want to keep it that way. if you have are experiencing problems with some one, pls /w an officer. DO NOT spam it in guild chat. it only acheives causing unrest.
and please rememer, some people are still learning. maybe they dont know as much as you ( me and my lock spring to mind here lol). instead of telling them they are retards, or noobs, /w them and suggest to them how they are going wrong, and maybe how to do it in future. they may take a little time to pick it up (old habbits and all that), but with patience, it will come.)

All in all guys we are here to have fun, all of us. lets work together to make this a guild people want to be part of, and are happy in.


more to come if I feel a need to write more from what I see, kk comments below
please write name + what you think or want to add


A lot of good points - I've updated the rules page :)

U made few good points in there but i think this side works fine since its not going in some compitition, it does it work just fine for me so i have to disagree with u there. Another point i have to disagree with u is with the mic for many of us its not a problem to go into the store and buy a new one but for some its a big problem, not all of us have the age for job r visa cards. So im just happy that most people have em even of they r not all 1st rating mics. Anyways think u got many nice points there m8 and i agree with alot of it:) (iðunn)

Reaction: I also can agree on that people can't afford a mic , but its a suggestion to improve the miscomunnication or also handy when doing raids.
the site is good, but some graphics would be fine but there is already a site that is gonna be made I heard so shouldn't be a problem.(deliciousm)

Well not all ppl like to speak in vent….so respect that! Most important is that they can listen to what is beeing said. (also goes for ppl not talking, buffing while tactics is beeing explained) :) *Angeldina*

Solarian trick

During the first phase, solarian picks a random target and casts arcane missiles doing nice burst and making some low hp targets fight to stay alive, especially to consecutive casts.

This wasnt hard to heal through or anythign more or less annoying.

But we found out a way around this…..pretty much by a fluke when the druid had to BR a healer

#1. Use a druid to tank
#2. Everytime you can, cast bash (yes target is not stunnable just do it cause i said so)
#3. After you bash, shift out of bear and back into bear.

//When you do this Solarian spins around at people buy never casts arcane missiles, its weird but hey i dont have to heal anyone just sit there regen'n mana

I tried to take screenshots of this but couldnt get it to show anything. Next week ill get a fraps going. Basically it turns the fight into a tank and spank where there are only bomb debuffs going around, as well as the aoe packs and the 2 priests.

Zul ama bear mount time reward tips

Bear Mount Tips -

- Go Eagle -> Bear -> DragonHawk -> Lynx

- On Eagle boss: Turn ON your ambient sound and turn OFF your game sound effects and music. Listen for the "raining sound", colapse onto the tank when you hear the rain coming. BossMod timers seem to be very unreliable.

- On Bear trash, you can have your Druid use Soothe Beast on the first 2 bears and sneak by them.

- On DragonHawk trash: Shadowpriest MCing the flame casters is good, or have the Mage just spam polymorph on them. Also, have the mage spellsteal their haste buff.

- On DragonHawk trash: You can skip 2 patrols, if needed.

- On DragonHawk trash: Everyone should assist in looking out for roaming scouts. Have your Warrior count down his charge/intercept, followed immediately by a Druid root and ranged DPS.

- On DragonHawk boss: If you have a Prot Pally, you can hatch entire sides of eggs at a time and AOE them quickly.

- On DragonHawk boss: If you do NOT have a Prot Pally, it is preferred to only hatch 1/2 of the eggs on each side at a time. Have your DPS start burning the DragonHawks as soon as they start hatching.

- On Lynx trash: You can skip 2 patrols, but it can be faster to kill the croc patrol if he's in a bad position.

- On Lynx boss: Have your DPS make macros to target the totems. " /target Corrupted "

- On Lynx boss: Have your off-tank make a macro to target the Spirit of the Lynx and taunt quickly. " /target Spirit of the Lynx "

- On Lynx boss: Do not switch DPS to the Spirit of the Lynx, stay on the boss. Raid de-bebuffs (Curse of Shadows, Shadow Vulnerability, Imp Scorch, etc.) are already applied to the boss, so make use.

- Everyone flask, food buff, weapon oils, etc…before the event starts. Every little bit helps and makes the run go faster/smoother.

- Tanks should have macros/addons that mark targets quickly at the press of a button.

- After each boss kill, everyone (especially tanks and healers) need to mount up quickly and start setting up the next pull. Don't wait for the entire raid to show up, as soon as you have enough tanks/healers/dps to clear the amount of trash…go ahead and pull.

- Establish loot rules so you don't waste time. We loot our badges then mount to the next pull, greed for DE, need if you want it, pass if you don't. Once you're finished or the time ran out you can go open the cages and get timed loots. Before the run starts, discussing potential loot and who it will go to can prevent arguments/discussions that can waste time.

- Your group should probably consist of people in t5 or better gear. Most bear mount groups run with 2 healers, since the extra dps is nice for beating the timer.

- Drink whenever you can! Even a couple ticks of water can save time.

- Druid offtanks are especially helpful in ZA because they can dps decently while fighting bosses


Akama soldier or sum

Hey guys, after you've killed Supremus you make your way to Shade of Akama, and the ashtounge (stealthed & visible) mobs attack you right, well they are the trash for those of you who didn't already know.

So..After you've killed the Shade of Akama and looted etc Akama is free'd and reveals the Ashtounge to be alliance, and then you get the spam of
"Hail Akama"
"Hail Akama"
"Hail Akama" etc etc etc..

but this spam of "Hail Akama" 's takes 15-30 seconds after the Shade of Akama is killed.

During this time, you get a tank, healer & priest(shadow/holy OR disc, spec doesn't matter)to go outside of the room and pick up the pack just outside the door of 5 (4 visible, 1stealthed) are still red (able to attack you) you send your tank in to obviously tank whilst the priest Mind Controls one, if you time this perfect they will despawn and reveal as alliance, whilst one is still MC'ed..this granting IT (the MC'ed one) to protect you for the duration of the Mind Control..This is very helpful on the trash heading up towards Teron Gorefined as there is multiple AOE packs & the ashtounge have no problem surving & casting Hurricane/shadownova on these picking up agro..although it doesn't last very long (well not for us) the MC will soon ware off and the Ashtounge will flee BUT will not attack your priest as it is hostile to you.

Hope this works for you..I didn't manage to get a video of it as i wasn't expecting this to reset I will try get you one

Have fun trying this out…

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