You gain dkp for participating in a full raid (35) and signing up + being online at the right time (5). Items all cost a fixed amount of dkp. If you want an item that dropped, say your name and the amount of dkp you have. The person with the highest amount of dkp will get the item and have the item's cost deducted from their total. The item costs are here: DKP Base prices

Getting the loots

After we get an epic drop, the loot master will say the items in raid chat one by one, with their associated dkp cost. If you want the item say your name and the amount of dkp you currently have in raid chat. If you are not sure how much dkp you have at the moment just say your name and we'll look it up…

If you do NOT want the item, DO NOT TYPE IN RAID CHAT when this is going on! It makes our life difficult when it comes to assigning loot, and we have made mistakes in the past because of spam.

If you so happen to fail at this anyways, one of two things can happen:

  • A -5 DKP penalty can be applied if it's really disturbing, when it is really disturbing is something the raid leader decides.
  • Your random chatter is taken as a bid, and if no one else want's the item, you will get it and DKP is deducted accordingly.


If you come to a raid on an alt for some reason (if we need healers for example), your alt's dkp will be added to your main. You can still bid on drops for your alt, but you will only get them if no mains want it. The item costs will be deducted from your main's dkp.


Raids begin at 19:30 server time on weekends, 20:30 server time weekdays. If you have signed up, be online 30 minutes before the time of the raid. Raids end when the raidleader ends them. Typically we will raid for 3-4 hours. If you have to leave early, mention it on your signup. Leaving before raid end will earn you a bonus (-20) dkp. Signing up and not being online will also earn you -dkp, so please only sign up if you know you can come… if you realise that you can't make it after you've signed, please remove your signup (or put a note by your name).


To encourage raid focus, we will also be awarding (-20) dkp to those who wipe the raid in a particularly stupid fashion. This is things like hunter's pets going solo, running into raid bosses (if you are not the tank), putting BoP on tanks, and so on. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun adding more to this list as we progress further xD Still, i'd rather people didn't WIPE THE RAID at all, and hopefully we won't have to substract anything.

Nether Vortices and Patterns

If a crafter needs a nether vortex for a pattern they have, they may spend (30) dkp per nether vortex in the usual fashion. Priority will be given to crafters who have already acquired materials. Otherwise, vortices will be given to designated guild craftsmen for use in BOE items. These BOE items will be purchasable for dkp.

First time BOE pattern drops will be given to designated guild craftsmen. Upon repeat drops, crafters may spend (30) dkp on a pattern. If nobody wants to bid, all crafters in the raid may roll.

BOP patterns for BOP items may be purchased for base (30) dkp. We keep them in gbank untill needed, so ask an admin, we may have the pattern you want already.

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