A pretty standard feral build with raids in mind
An all round moonkin build
A HOT based resto build

There are many different druid builds that work well, and for different reasons. I will try to put in a few here for high end raiding over the next few days.
please also note, the resto build is based on the druids Hots. This is where we excell. Our "big heals" are not the most efficient, and take time to cast, but as a resto druid, it is important to know when to use them, timing is every thing.

Resto Endgame Healing

End Game Specs

For endgame healing as a resto druid, theres normaly refered to 2 builds. I Thougt i would put my notes down on both even though i don't play resto all that much in endgame PvE, but i have still been there.

- Tree of Life

This is the most commonly know spec, theres a few variations, but other than that it has all it's talents in the resto tree, and yes becouse all tallets put does matter in various fights. This type of druid healer is mostly relying on HoT's and can either be used as a main tank healer or group healer.

MT Healing

When healing maintanks, it is important first to establish how many tanks you heal to get the right rotation. It is also important to note how much damage is incomming, Healing Touch is the best HPS you can do, but has rare uses which only experience can teach you.

Group Healing

Group healing varies from being either Proactive (Expecting damage and aplying HoT's before it hit) or Reactive (Heal whoever lost health).

Reactive is going to be most common to you and also a pain in farm instances, since your notice that your HoT's get overhealed by others topping the raid up ASAP, but in progress instances you should be more able to shine on group healing and if you play your druid well you will leave all others behind by a vast distance. Reason for this to be the most common for you is that it most of the time is hard to predict which members of the group that take damage. You know the damage comes, but just don't know on who.

Proactive is rarer but excist many places anyways, and theres a lot of different ways to counter this. Here it's important to take note of just how long your HoT's tick. Regrowth (21 sec, ~600/3sec), Rejuvenation (12 sec, ~1000/3sec), Life Bloom (7 sec, ~800/sec + 1750 at end). This is very important since the longer the HoT runs, the sooner you can apply them to people with incomming damage. Normaly i would not coun't regrowth in since it's very rare that it's usefull. Again experience can tell you more about when you can actually use the HoT component of regrowth to counter incomming damage.

Idd like to mention Hex Lord in this same occation, here knowing the running time of your hot's and applying them before the Spirit Bolts can be very handy, and nessesary in order to have a hot on all members before this ends. and thereby having killed someone unless another healer was able to do the job.

- Dream State

This build is gennerally knows as a MT healer build, and some druids thend to lean towards this when there HoT's continiously get's overhealed by others. It relies on Healing Touch for main heal, and uses down ranking for eficeincy as well as matching the heal to the damage taken or incomming.

Personally i have one comment to this build… RESPEC PALA!.

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