Gems and Sockets

Gems are a great way to tune your gear towards a particular purpose, be it raiding or PvP. But what gems should you choose? And where do you get them? Most gems are craftable by our guildies - dostya (heal gems), mof (random gems), khytha (OMFG ALL GEMS).

Here are some links to filtered searches on wowhead listing different kinds of gems:

Uncommon (green) gems
Rare (blue) gems
Epic (purple) gems
Non-crafted (drop) gems
PvP gems
BOP Jewelcrafter only gems
Meta gems

Class Specifics

Magic DPS

Veiled (Orange) +spell hit, +spell damage
Runed (Red) +spell damage
Great (Yellow) +spell hit
Glowing (Purple) +stam, +spell damage
Potent (Orange) +spell damage, +spell crit

On boss fights, spell hit is worth more than spell damage for most magical DPS classes. Until you're hit-capped (which happens at different hit rating for different classes), it is very important to stack hit rating gems in your raid gear.

As branch will tell you all night, mages need a fair bit of hit rating. For shadow priests, destruction warlocks and moonkins it's also very important. Having talents in hit rating, warlocks (suppression) and shamans (totem of wrath, natures guidance, elemental precision) need less.


Teardrop (Red) +heal
Royal (Purple) +heal, +mp5
Luminous (Orange) +heal, +int

At our level of content, stacking raw heal and taking potions like crazy is a healer's best bet. Install teardrops wherever possible, unless a nice socket bonus is available by socketing royal or luminous. There's a nice heal/crit unique-equip gem from ramparts which all palas should get.


Direct Damage


Solid (Blue) +stam
Steady (Green) +stam, +resilience
Mystic (Yellow) +resilience

You don't need any hit rating in PvP. A little spell penetration is good for casters, but staying alive ftw :D

Fun Fact

Due to rounding, gems with two stats have about 5% more item budget than those with one :)

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