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22-05-08: Supremus the 'Stay out of the fire loot piñata' dropped offspec goodies, and Shade of Akama went down after 3 tries. A very good day's raiding :)

21-05-08: The push for BT has begun… Najentus down after a shit ton of wiping and enormous repair bills.

20-05-08: Azgalor beaten! First bits of T6 woot! Archimonde proved to be slightly more challenging with superfast wipes :D

19-05-08: The Hyjal waves were annoying as ever, Mof broke his router and other funnies… Kaz'rogal down with 3 people alive (!).

15-05-08: After a few hard weeks of struggling for healers, Anatheron downed with a "nearly flawless" kill, great job guys :D

08-04-08: Fathom Lord Karathress, Leotheras the Blind down

04-04-08: Rage Winterchill down

13-03-08: Morogrim is easy :]

05-03-08: Lurker down, at last… 2 healers managed to survive the fight :D

26-02-08: TAMG eats Doom Lord Kazzak, quite undermanned!

25-02-08: Astromancer Solarian removed! (and all her friends)

23-02-08: Last night we got him to 2%. Today we returned to one-shot Zul'jin.

18-02-08: Al'ar generously grants us cookie :]

12-02-08: Another guild first, Hex Lord Malacrass downed in only n attempts!

27-01-08: Void Reaver down! After a comedy 1% wipe, Void reaver yielded T5 goodness… SSC to come.

24-01-08: Burning Legion killed our raid ><

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