20-01-08: With Gruul on farm, we're moving into The Eye. The easiest boss in the game gave us quite a spanking… best attempt at twenty-something percent; but at least now we know what those big sparkly balls do -_-

05-01-08: Gruul down!

10-12-07: Storming progress in Zul'Aman with two new bosses down! The Lynx Boss proved to be an extreme endurance fight, stretching our healers' mana to its limits. The Dragonhawk Boss has to be the most fun so far, turning into a fire-dodging arcade minigame at regular intervals. Both our maintanks got some phat lewts and lord knows they need it - Khytha saw the 100hp mark during our successful lynx attempt.

08-12-07: Second boss in ZA Down! Guild first.

04-11-07: Kara on farm with 2 groups :) Progress has been pretty fast, and hopefully people are enjoying it. We aim to to move Zul'Aman to the first half of the week in the coming weeks, to allow faster progress. Hopefully we will also see our first 25 man raid soon! Read up on Gruuls lair if you haven't been there before…

18-11-07: Bear boss in Zul'Aman down! Boy does he hit hard… a real tank test. Yielded a neato leather belt for Khytha. We got spanked by the bird boss, but he should go down next time if everyone's clear on the strats (in the linky)

11-11-07: After a bloody 17 minute(!) battle, where all but four of our brave champions gave their lives, Nightbane finally hit the floor. After some omfgwtflazrbeam faffery and a mistimed CoD, Netherspite also got killed. So that's it - we've cleared Kara! Keep it up and we might have a chance at ZA :)
10-11-07: prince daggar! woot!

03-11-07: Tankadin Moff took a pounding off prince but still got him down :)
31-10-07: Smooth! Oneshotted all bosses up to Curator. Aran was predictably too hard without a warlock.
30-10-07: Yay finally Aran dies - and Illhoof, both on first attempt. Nightbane and Prince made a sticky mess of us :<
X-10-07.. some raid.. id rather forget

24-10-07: Gnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
21-10-07: Prince gave our loladin OT a fat hat, and Illhoof went down even though nobody could target teh chains >< so… i guess we've 'cleared' Kara! <cough>
19-10-07: Some unnamed players were caught vandalising the website! Oh, the comedy :) We know who you are by the way. You are not sly! Not even close! If you keep it up we'll block your priviliges! And cut your nuts off… Just so you know :)
18-10-07: Aran dead… it took a little while but i'm sure everyone is happy that the bitch is down :)
17-10-07: First 3 bosses down in one night — just!
14-10-07: Curator on-sighted. Happy healadin!
12-10-07: Romulo and Julianne proved much easier this week with a pair of good rogues - down in two attempts. And the animal boss dropped a nice cloth dps belt! They hardly ever yield decent loot…
10-10-07: Another week, another ninja pull of spiders :D Midnight, Moroes and Maiden culled.
… oh te noes aran kills us
04-10-07: Curator kicked in the balls
03-10-07: A good start to the week with Midnight, Moroes, Maiden and The Crone downed in one evening
30-09-07: Maiden burns in righteous fire
29-09-07: Moroes down
28-09-07: After a touch of noobery, Midnight was slain!

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