hey.. doesn't wow have enough rules??


Guild rules:

Recruitment and joining

If you want to join TAMG, fill out the form in our recruitment forum, and post it.

You get promoted when you get promoted :)


Treat your guildmates with courtesy and respect.

Be ready to give, and receive advice; we're all here to learn.

Do not scam. Conduct trade honestly both within and without the guild.

Do not spam or spout abuse on vent, /raid or /guild.


For 25-mans, sign up for days you are available on the raid planner. We will take people who have signed up in preference to those who have not. Signing up does not guarantee you a place in the raid.

We are not doing sign-ups for 10-man raids anymore.

You may not, without express permission from an officer, randomly raid 10 or 25-man level 70 instances with other guilds or PUGs. Officers start and lead raids, nobody else.

You must have and use ventrilo, boss mods and (omen) threat meter. If you're not on vent, you can't raid.

In 10-man instances, loot is distributed first under the wishlist system, then by roll. Alts may not roll against mains under any circumstance. Your alt/main status is determined by your current rank. If you want this changed, consult an officer before the raid. If you make any 'funny rolls' on gear you can't equip, your rolling rights may be revoked at the raid-leader's discretion. If you have to leave during a raid, please give at least 30 minutes notice.

In 25-man instances, we use DKP. Read the DKP rules.

For Kara, we don't expect you to have fully enchanted epix, but DPS classes should be able to pull at least 700 DPS, and healers should have at least 1200 +healing.

For Zul'Aman and 25-mans, we expect you to take great care over your gear, enchants, gems and be fully stocked and with all available consumables.


We advise giving your account details to nobody. You may not have a friend play for you during a raid. Doing this without telling the raid leader constitutes a serious offense.


If you are on trial, one serious offense or three minor offenses will earn you a kick. If you are a grunt, we'll talk about things like grown-ups :)

Specific classes

Druid expectations.
Hunter expectations.
Mage expectations.
Paladin expectations.
Priest expectations.
Rouge expectations.
Shaman expectations.
Warlock expectations.
Warrior expectations.

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