Socketing Gems

So which gems are the best for your class?
I tend to use gems to fill out gaps in my gear: if your hit rating sucks get some hit rating gems, same for defense rating and so on… i'll put in a good link when i find one.


You want a minimum of 3% hit rating, anything less is totally gimping your damage. For raid bosses hit rating is capped at 16% or so.

Frost mages see the most benefit from +9 spelldamage gems, but you can use crit and spelldamge… if you are low on cash. No dps benefit in socketing the crit one, get spelldamage if you can afford it. Firemages value crit a bit more :) i haven't done the maths myself but i think they are about the same dps if you are deep fire spec.


SPELLDAMAGE Yep just those. Lots of them.


Well, optimally +8 hit is your best gem until you have loads of hit rating, and 4 hit/4 agi when its a red socket. Skip blue sockets unless you need them for a meta or you want to get a good socket bonus, usually 4 agi, 4/3 hit, or 8 AP. If you can get agility, do so because it will scale with BoK. Generally, 8 agility will serve you better than 16 AP.

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