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omg read elitist jerks!

if you are a tank of any kind though, scrap that page and go Tank Spot instead!


Branch's Mage Guide
Sweet mage love


Shaman Page


Spig's Specs


Priest Page

Holy Theory
Shadow Priest 101: How to Melt Faces Effectively


Druid Page

Minimum Tree spec
HoT Selection
Becoming "Uncrittable"


Tankadin Guide With handy macro's
Tankadin gear compendium
Tankadin 101 guide

Rogue is a great rogue resource.
Art's mace raiding build

Warrior (Fury / Arms / Prot)

The guide will dramatically increase dps in raids, power in all pvp situations, and efficiency in the extremely complex parts of being a good tank.
-Megadeath (Lord of Theorycraft)

Current stage: 2nd draft pvp section updated - awaiting guide split.

Warrior Guide

some feedback please for updating purposes…

*** id like to request that a few more pages be opened to clean my guide up as ill be splitting the guide as it gets larger.
pages pending creation: Warrior 2h fury pve guide / Warrior pvp guide / Warrior tanking guide

Tank: Avoidance vs. Stamina


I don't know too much about hunters… however, this may help:


The Gem Guide
Want a gem but don't know what its called? Handy gem page here: Gem Finder


On +dmg and +heal

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