This guide is currently in progress. I missed alot and was tired but all the essentials should be here. Soon to be finished.

Why spec fury. How to max dps+ tips. Talents + Talents explained

Warriors may seem simple at first glance; just taunting or mortal striking gnolls that scream “You NO take Candle!!”…

The truth is far from it : (e.g. to properly tank multiple elites a warrior will have to use between 12 to15 different skills and switch between all three stances at least once to access all of them).

So much for druid tanks :P

This guide is heavy to read because its rather complicated to make the best out of your class and this is the information I am offering. I tried to make it as easy to read as possible but if your serious about learning something new and doing more dps then its worth reading everything!

Please get back to me if you spot a mistake / disagree strongly / have anything to add of your own.

Now straight to some info

  • = a tip will follow.

Why Spec Fury?

“Whats so good about fury? I want to run around with http://www.wowhead.com/?item=32348 up my bum cos I look 1337”

Well my friend you sound like a nob jockey and here’s why:
1. Fury warriors do more dps in bossfights than Arms Warriors
2. Much better at grinding
3. Hit harder on bloodthirst than MS!
4. Hit harder on Whirlwind !!
5. Hit harder on Victory rush!!
6. Interrupt spells MUCH easier
7. Have more attackpower than any other class raidbuffed
8. Can have the highest dps in the game when in the correct party!
9. Sustain DPS at a very high level FOREVER once you crit (no ooms)
10. Have great survivability in raids Plate armor ftw!

How to max dps in raids

On the surface we rotate 2 attacks and keep rampage up to dps….
Here’s how to dps harder!

Step by step

1.Commencing dps:
A fury warrior does not start dps at full power at the start of fights, a fury warrior is more like a Steam Train and takes a kick to start but will not slow down.
What a fury warrior has to wait for before dps is at maximum: a crit to proc flurry and to enable Rampage.

Tip: I recommend starting every fight with a whirlwind as soon as you have gained enough rage. Why? Because whirlwind is a) an instant strike so can proc your crit you are waiting for and b) hits twice giving the warrior almost twice the chance to proc a crit. (use victory rush if enabled as it costs no rage). Now the attack power from your rampage and rage gains can allow you to pull off a nice bloodthirst which is purely attackpower based.

2. Once full dps is initiated you are in the cycle stage:

Rampage every 27-29 seconds (don’t use more often! Costs a lot of rage!)
Bloodthirst every 6 seconds
Whirlwind every 8 seconds
Bloodrage every 60seconds

Tip: in order to keep any +dmg trinkets used every time its reset create a macro to tie your trinket to Bloodthirst J

How to : Press esc / Select Macros / Create New / (Type: /cast Bloodthirst ) then on the second line /use (name of trinket here)

/Cast Bloodthirst
/Use Bloodlust Brooch

Tip: Cleave if too much rage + make sure its safe to! (this will increase dps but lose a lot of rage)

Warning: Watch your agro mate! Its very high as a fury warrior, since 15kdmg is possible in a matter of milliseconds due to crits. And don’t get me started on execute… 8k+ executes are possible in fury J
10k + in arms J.

At the final 20% stage of bossfights, you will firstly pop bloodrage then EXECUTE SPAM but pay attention to your agro as at this point your dps is most likely alot higher than anyone elses.

Tip: if your taking any damage especially during the last 20% of bossfights pop beserker rage to increase rage gains dramatically and pull off amazing executes!

Here’s my personal dps talent build: http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/basics/talents/warrior/talents.html?050050213020000000000000505000550501005312510000000000000000000000

Talents + Talents Explained

When a warrior understands exactly how each skill works dps increases dramatically.

Why choose ….?

Arms Tree:

· Parry? – parry a boss’s crushing blow and you live, Spam imp heroic strike and you will die! (imp rend sucks and always will)
· Iron Will? – resist a cc is always helpful, but imp charge is a waste because you will change stance to berserker stance and without tactical mastery make hardly any use of the extra rage + it’s a tiny amount compared to the 30 rage/sec you will be building as soon as you crit. (imp thunder clap sucks and always will)
· Anger Management? – More rage/sec = more attacks/sec = more dps/sec, but its a lot deeper than that. When ur at max rage u wont need it, but u can dump 100 rage instantly, then it will help, but the strongest aspect of this talent is that when for example fighting prince ur only at the boss gaining rage 70% of the time, and so one can dump rage and during the 30% waiting for aoe regain a lot of rage to kick you into high dps straight away!
· Improved Overpower wtf? Yea ur right overpower isn’t gonna do a lot since the bosses dodge every 2seconds and you lose dps by not being in Battle Stance… BUT every fury warrior gets into this abysmal mode where you don’t crit for 10 seconds.. which happens rarely at 30% crit but does, and overpower will save you from terrible dps during that time. It is actually optional to have 2 points in imp overpower but all the other talents are worthless and you will not be able to kill things that dodge alot ever in your life (damn rogues). If you are pve only on a pvp server then put that talent in Weapon Mastery.
· Deep Wounds? – yea it isn’t amazing dual weild but it’s needed for the next talent…
· Impale – Most of all warrior dps is from crits, and when ur critting 45% buffed in a raid on execute, having an extra 20% in damage is very much a good idea. J

Fury Tree:

· Cruelty = 5% crit, crit = more dps.
· Unbridled Wrath = faster rage = more dps.
· Commanding presence = more atkpower = more dps + more hp when party needs it = more group or solo survivability.*
· Enrage = when critted 25% more dmg = insane dps, but rare when not tanking J also used to get Flurry!
· Flurry = when crit increase atkspeed = 30% more white dps.*
· Sweeping strikes = the reason a warrior can actually do insane burst aoe damage! + req for bloodthirst
· Bloodthirst = attackpower based MS = more damage than MS when geared well! Also regens some hp = usefull as melee dps in raids normally take more healing than ranged.
· Precision = hit = extremely important *
· Imp ww = more damage than using a 2h wep IF using the correct weapons! *
· Imp zerker stance = more atk power = more damage but = HUNDREDS of atkpower when well geared! A must.
· Rampage = 250 atkpower? No actually its improved by imp zerker stance its 275! = great dps.*

Commanding presence – if not partied with any melee dps, use commanding shout before charging into a fight and battleshout after! That way you are 25 yards away and your party benefits from commanding shout while you + any other melee already dpsing will benefit from battleshout!
-Also Commanding shout as a warrior spell should be used at all times that the survivability of your party is needed more than the dps of you or any melee dps in your party is needed.

Flurry – to make full usage of flurry your warrior needs 33.33% crit IF your miss chance is 0%.
Sweeping Strikes – some ms warriors complain that arms lost this talent but as fury popping this you can do 16 hits in one whirlwind! And sweeping strikes can crit for double what your initial attack is! WTF! + using cleave makes this baby pump out extreme damage when attempting warrior aoe, mainly because victory rush will proc tons more and can be spammed on fresh targets causing more victory rushes and more spammage and this enables a fury warrior to actually aoe grind… surprising eh? I take 12mobs at a time of same level when im bored, try it on a few less its fun!

Precision – hit rating is more important for dual weild warriors than any other stat! + u can use the extra +hit when reaching hit cap to spend more in +atkpower or +crit where needed! (stat saving talent)
Imp Whirlwind – some pre-tbc warriors find it hard to understand why its in fury tree kek! It hits harder as fury now since both weapons damage is added as it hits twice when dual wielding! – BUT ONLY IF U USE 2 SLOW WEAPONS!!! Don’t nerf your dps – use 2 very slow 1h weapons!
Rampage – is cool and must be kept active during all fights that last over 10 seconds but is a pain in the ass as it has only a 30sec cooldown, I find it can be tempting to use too often! Sometimes I refresh it at any point when at maximum rage rather than cleaving but DON’T use it too often as it costs a whopping 20 rage, and might cause u to not have enough rage for using Whirlwind + Bloodthirst at the same time as the two skills cooldowns will sycronise a few times during long fights!


Where to find pre kara gear: http://wow-loot.com/warrior.htm (default gear is non heroic please click the heroic tab halfway down the page if u can handle heroics)

What im gonna do is show you a simple list to refer to often, in the stages of gearing a warrior for fury raid dps. This list will show what stats to focus on in correct order when gearing up:

Firstly Please note: dps is about a balance of stats, theres no point in having 395 hit rating if you gimp your attack power to 200 so maintaining a nice balance of the following stats during gearing up is important.

Note these stats assume you have the correct talents first : precision 3/3 imp zerker 5/5 cruelty 5/5

For Kara level raiding you should aim to have a minimum of:

Miss cap on skills = 9% = 100 +hit

30% crit

1800 Attackpower


If you don’t meet these minimum requirements its ok if you’re not far from them, but you are expected to try to reach them by collecting the appropriate gear from dungeons for the sake of the rest of the guild!

End game your aim is to achieve these stats:

Miss cap on white dps = 28% = 395 Hit rating!

33% Crit

3000 Atkpower


Yes warriors have a 28% chance to miss white dps when dual wielding vs. raid bosses! And 1% more hit increases your dps by 1% and also increases your chance to land crits making it the most important stat!
33% crit is needed to keep flurry up and so have 30% more white dps always, more wont hurt ;) but if you have threat problems, switch crit for more hit or attack power.
Attack Power is the essence of fury, you want to have near 2000 without buffs to see really fast rage gains and great dps.

Racial differences in gearing:
Humans, if you equip a mace and a sword instead of two maces or swords you will benefit from DOUBLE the expertise rating boosting ur chance to not be parried or dodge by another 1.25%!! (applies to all dual weild melee dps)

Its 5:45 am, im getting tired ;) will update this using the wisdom of Draconas to refresh my memory!


Ok ill try and keep things simple at the start for casual pvpers. Edit : No fuk it I cant J.

Note: this section is purely my personal opinion from 4years of pvping as a warrior in many top teams so theres a tiny chance it might not be right =).

Stats to aim for to start pvp =
30% crit minimum (or u wont see much dps)
1700 atkpower (with battleshout buff)
5% hit = missing in pvp on pummel sucks balls
An Axe + Axe spec (until you reach high ass crit rating)

I attempted to post all builds based in order of skill level required

Arms MS builds:

Arms easymode (1shot build) =

My current personal arena favourite:

Uber Stance Dancer = make 60% more out of your warrior by being able to use all stances during arena!

2h MS imp Slammer! = don’t try any slammers until u get a good 3.8 speed weapon (deep thunder but preferably an axe) – slam isn’t normalised by attack power ;) and will hit harder than MS believe it or not. Also don’t even try it until u read my 2h fury pve build guide or u’ll suck ass!

2h MS + FLURRY ARENA BUILD! (AXE / SWORD) - relies on critting alot!

Crazy ass build for offtanks:
PVP DW WARRIOR - HP+STUN Build - an old fun one i dug up

Section below will be updated regularly as my arena rating rises…

In my opinion: axe spec is best at the start of gearing the arena ladder.
But if you want more burst and less dps take sword, but u wont really get more burst until ur crit is high enough, now resilience puts a lot of strain on warrior dps because MOST of our damage is from crits even vs high resilience this just means u need an extra 10% than before. * a tip to counter resilience is to get mongoose + 12agi 3% inc critical dmg meta gem.
Feel free to disagree with wep spec a lot of warriors have different opinions here, It’s rather hard to be 100% sure on this one as my targets always have varying resilience. (could go on forever about that but I wont =))

Imho: to start arena:
Weapon specialisation rules are: keep axe spec until ur crit is almost 45% with axe spec =) resilience sux doesn’t it?
Weapon enchant rules are: stick with mongoose until your crit is 40% with sword spec.
And don’t use a mace unless its deep thunder/stormherald and or u are a special imp slam build.*
after you get alot of armor ignore on armor (from S3) you should take executioner enchant + sword/mace spec.

Theres like 10k variations of builds that actually work.
Above all I advise tactical mastery 3/3 why? Not just cos It helps keeping rage after switching to overpower but if your fighting in battlestance and have over 25rage u can switch when u want to whirlwind and have exactly the correct rage for it! J. Not only this, it enables you to become a supercharged ninja warrior that while stance dancing can intervene teammates and reflect spells (use an addon like weaponquickswap to auto equip a shield on defensive stance for this)

Burst = king in pvp. You want to kill your opponent fast or he or others will attempt to stop you from killing him using heals / cc.

Tips for burst: sword spec is godly but it really doesn’t work vs high resilience unless you have about 40% crit! It’s well known among top warriors that I’ve played alongside that you require good crit rating before switching over to sword spec or the burst will be 2x non crits !
gg /walk into oncoming traffic.

To use sword proc to the max: try to dump rage causing a flurry of attacks for sword spec to proc off; by waiting for a white hit, followed by ms + whirlwind.

Sweeping strikes can be great if you kill your secondary target you can smack a victory rush on your primary target, also its great for burst as cleaving and whirlwinds cause double the amount of strikes on both your primary and secondary targets until all charges of ss are consumed. And not only this i've had insane sweeping strikes crits before, however getting the rage to utilise this is the only problem.

Never neglect mortal strike. Don’t forget if ur in arena, its most likely the main reason your there to ms debuff J, don’t whirlwind if u can mortal strike because when that debuff wears off and your target receives a 10k crit heal, ur not gonna be smiling, nor are your teammates =). This makes imp ms very nice but not necessary. (dodges of ms do happen).
Never neglect hamstring. keep your opponent hamstringed, most will run from your uber big weapons.

Intercept, this has many functions, it can be saved to intercept the next target after a kill, or used during a fight to stunlock the target and get a free hit or two. But even better is to use it to intercept a heal or cc from a secondary target! Also can be used to climb cliffs to kill pesky ledge-campers and my favourite is jumping off AB lumber mill cliff then charging back up the cliff 25 yards midfight to make ur opponent shit himself until his trousers overflow…

Technique: 1v1 Warrior vs:

Its mostly about realising what to do as it comes along within 0.2 seconds there aren’t definitive “I W.I.N Button” tactics for any class because all pvpers play differently… J.

My 1v1 techniques are abit off these days due to resilience… it changes a lot of things.. if I fight a mage without any, hes usually dead before blink… :/ which causes me to forget tactics and nuke :P. There are many tactics but you should think about doing these before entering combat:

Rogue, use a shield +1h using a combo of defensive and offensive skills - u’ll rape them, try a disarm it fux em up!

Warrior – get the disarm in at a crucial moment where you estimate you can kill him before it wears off, otherwise he usually will disarm you straight after!

Mage – as with all casters abuse los, hide behind colums and ur chances of winning are high. U charge he will blink or nova, this is where being a gnome kicks ass… but the fact is, u need ur insignia of the alliance vs kiters or blessing of freedom / pot, or ur getting ur ass kicked. Unless u 1shot them like me =).

Tired again : 6:45 am. sleeep!

Arena technique as a warrior: warr + shadowpriest

Example i will use is my current 2v2 team consisting of europe's top spelldmg shadowpriest and me ! =)

Ok. most of the time the enemy will full on nuke your partner and cc you while you have to try to stop them!
- this is really fun btw :P

The tactic most of the time in 2v2 is try to dps warrior last because your dps will give them rage and they will make mincemeat of their target! (your partner usually)

This also happens vs you so you can expect only to gain rage as you damage! - now all warriors at this point should be thinking, omgad what happens if my target is a priest because i will gain no rage for 5min due to his bubble! - well thats where your partner priest can dispell the enemie's bubbles allowing you to cream them!

So…. your job is to start by hamstringing any melee that are going for your priest!
then focus dps on the decided target, this is where your mortal strike+hamstring needs to be kept on the target AT ALL TIMES!
at this point look for an opportunity to use fear to further cc the melee thats on your priest - but bear in mind if your preist has yet to use it!
you will keep ur debuffs up and nuke while your priest kites/cc his attackers and nukes the same target (quite the job for the spriest!)

enemies will cc you, so keep ur trinket handy but ALSO! ur priest can dispell cc from you so good communication is a must!
-alot of the time in arena you will be shouting for ur priest to dispell you / debuff enemy so get on vent!

Things to look out for debuffing - let ur priest know as fast as possible if your nuking target uses the following: Pala bubbles, Mage Iceblock/bubbles, Druid hots/barkskin, Warlock sacrifice/soulink, Priest bubbles.

Here are some general tactics vs hot ass powerful enemies: 5v5

The BM HUNTER! - omgad he will rape any clothwearer in team harder than u can say mof'smyuncle, so provoke him into wasting Bestial Wrath at the start then switch targets as soon as he uses it (at this point target of hunter HIDE!) then go straight back to the hunter as he is weak without his I.Win.Button =).

The Soullink 20k hp 500 resilience warlocks: - please i beg u dont make these your nuking targets =) they are hard as hell but must be cc'ed to death. consider killing pet / banish. then come back to them when healer dies =).

The Ugabuga elemental shaman! - do you want to feel what its like to be killed within 1.5seconds when you have 360 resilience 10k armor and 12k hp? he will also purge your entire team's pants off, absorb all your spells, slow your team to crawling speed, and cause cc's such as fear to be unusable! :P so nuke these hard and fast. however there is this problem, some of them will not die! just make sure u purge their heroism and focus very very hard on silencing/kicking/pummeling =).

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