162 items of epic quality drop in Kara. Many of these are random drops, some drop off the bosses. In order to better distribute loot, we are implementing a wish-list system.

To benefit from this, on the page below you must note down the TWO items you would most like in Kara. If an item on your wishlist drops, only raiders with that item on their wishlist may roll against you.

The wishlist is locked every Wednesday… we make a copy of it and use that for reference. Feel free to edit this page if you get a drop or change your mind, but this version will not be used till the following Wednesday.

See below for examples. Click the edit button at the bottom of the screen to add your own entry. If you can be bothered, include links to wowhead. Keep it sorted by name. It makes it easier to search.

Kara Wishlist

Zul'Aman Wishlist

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