Useful WOW links

Mods and Addons

Curse Gaming

Essential Mods

CT Mod
CT Raid Assist
Deadly Boss Mods
Omen Threat Meter

Optional Mods

Grid - nice healing unit frames
X-Perl - raid unit frames
Recount - the damage meter to end all damage meters

Auctioneer - sell stuff faster
Atlasloot - loot tables for bosses
Itemrack - swap equipment sets fast, particularly useful for hybrid classes
Natur Enemy Cast Bar - see enemy buffs & casting
Healbot Continued - one button healing lol
Quartz - advanced timer bars


Boss Tic tac's
The Armory

Zul'Aman Loots
raid guide and tactics
BT and Hyjal guide


How to deal with a warlock

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